Assisted living facility office manager accused of stealing thousands of tenants

MAITLAND, Fla. — A Maitland assisted living facility office manager stole tens of thousands of dollars from tenants, investigators said.
Investigators said Cheryl Lynn Williams stole rent from some tenants at Savannah Court Assisted Living Facility while overcharging others to cover the difference.
Williams can't pay the $1,800 to bond out of jail either until she's able to prove the money she uses to do so isn't stolen.
Williams chose to wait for her first appearance until Saturday so she could hire an attorney and post bond.
Police said Williams targeted residents who were elderly and of diminished mental capacity.
Officers identified 14 victims, some who were targeted multiple times.
Williams is accused of depositing up to $26,421 from one victim alone into her own bank account.
In order to hide the theft, detectives said she manipulated tenants accounts and would send fake invoices when it was paid. Management at the facility said would not say if the victims or their families were notified.
Williams was fired in July 2015 when day management noticed discrepancies when searching for a residents cleared check and found it deposited to Williams account.
Williams had agreed to deferred adjudication on a battery charge in Osceola County in 2004, but has no criminal history in Orange County.