• Beachline toll change near airport long overdue, Expressway Authority says


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Some Orange County drivers are about to start paying more to drive on the Beachline.

    Channel 9 reported last week that the Expressway Authority is knocking down toll booths by the airport and applying the toll to a booth down the road near Belle Isle.

    Since the story aired, a driver contacted WFTV's Racquel Asa, saying the change will more than double the amount he pays to commute.

    "It's not fair," said driver Alton Robinson.

    Robinson said he's beyond frustrated with the Expressway Authority's plan to tear down one toll plaza and tack on the $1.25 toll to a plaza 4 miles down the road.

    "I'm paying for a toll which I have absolutely nothing to do with," said Robinson.

    Like most drivers in the Conway and Belle Isle areas, Robinson gets on the Beachline at Conway Road, well after the toll plaza that is set to come down by the airport. It only costs him $1 currently.

    But with the Expressway Authority adding the airport toll rate to a toll he pays now Alton will be stuck paying $2.25 for a toll he never went through in the first place.

    "The Expressway is passing on those charges to the Conway and Belle Isle communities,” said Robinson.

    When Asa brought Robinson's concerns to the Expressway Authority, officials said Robinson has  been riding a section of the roadway for free for  years because the toll he pays now is owned by the Turnpike and not the Expressway  Authority.

    Now, the Expressway Authority will collect what it should have been for years.

    But Robinson, who's lived in the area for 20 years, sees it differently.

    "You are penalizing the entire Conway and Belle Isle community," said Robinson.

    The Expressway Authority is holding a public meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Durrance Elementary School.

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    Beachline toll change near airport long overdue, Expressway Authority says