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‘A major crisis’: Brevard County school board sends letter to DOE regarding mask mandate

BREVARD COUNTY, FLA. — On Wednesday morning, the Brevard County school board sent a 5-page letter to the Florida Department of Education outlining why they implemented a mask mandate and why it follows state law.


Brevard County Public Schools has a 30-day mandatory mask policy in place.

The board said it agreed on an emergency 30-day mask mandate because the county was in “a major crisis.”

As of Aug. 30, 31% of the county’s positive COVID-19 cases came from Brevard Public Schools.

School board member Misty Belford believes the Department of Education will find that the school district is in compliance.

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“We have about seven different exemptions in the policy and so there’s medical exemptions that includes physical ailments that may preclude a students or staff person from wearing a mask,” she said. “We also have the mental health issue where they might experience anxiety or that sort of need.”

DeSantis’ executive order states any mandated mask policy imposed by a district or school must allow for a parent or guardian to opt out and does not require parents to submit medical documentation.

A judge found the executive order unconstitutional a few weeks ago, a ruling DeSantis is now appealing.

Read the school board’s letter below:

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