Central Florida doctors say more patients testing positive for this year's flu strain

Doctors say they are already seeing more patients testing positive for this years flu strain.

Although flu season is a couple of weeks away, doctors around Central Florida claim they are beginning to see a spike in patients exhibiting early signs of feeling ill.

Health officials are urging patients to get a flu shot as soon as possible before any potential outbreaks.

"We are seeing these clusters in the community, and that's not unusual in the start of the flu season to see this," said Dr. Tim Hendrix, of AdventHealth Centra Care. "It is a little unusual to see this early, but it just means we got to get ready."

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Hendrix told Channel 9 the clusters he's been seeing are with school-age children mainly in the Orlando and Lake Mary areas. There's also been some cases testing positive for the flu in Lake County.

"This is not unusual to see kids sharing these viruses," said Hendrix. "Sharing these germs is the first part of flu season."

Doctors want patients to be mindful that there are different flu strains each year and that a vaccine only partially protects you.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over the age of 6 months to be vaccinated, including expectant mothers.

"It takes two weeks to get adequate immunity after your flu shot," Hendrix said. "So, get it now (and) you will be covered throughout the whole season."