• Clerical error blamed for Daytona woman's stolen car sitting in tow yard for months


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County woman who had her car stolen was forced to pay in order to get it back, Channel 9 has learned.

    After waiting months and spending hundreds of dollars, Adriane Kane finally got her car back after it vanished from her driveway in October.

    "I was in complete shock," said Kane.

    Kane later learned that her vehicle was found abandoned and taken to a Holly Hill tow yard, but she was never informed it was there.

    She said that on Dec. 28, she was notified by Port Orange police that the vehicle had been abandoned at Wendy's on International Speedway Boulevard and then towed by a private towing company.

    Normally, the car would have been flagged when Universal Towing notified Daytona Beach police of the vehicle ID number, but that didn't happen.

    Channel 9's Steve Barrett learned the car was recovered in good condition and ran just fine.

    "This just slipped through the cracks. Somebody at the (Daytona Beach Police Department) made a clerical error, and because of it I'm the one that got burned," said Kane.

    Universal Towing told Channel 9 the car had been there for about two months, and it was going to cost $1,512 in towing and storage fees to get it back.

    Daytona police are now investigating the error, and Kane said they told her they may reimburse her for the towing and storage fees.

    After finding out what happened, Universal Towing reduced the fees to $400, but it's money the single mom said she'd love to have back.

    Police point out Kane also failed to keep a current address with the state when she moved recently, which would have gotten the car home much quicker and without any storage fees.

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