• Couple accused in baby formula theft at Casselberry Walmart


    CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Police in Casselberry said surveillance video shows two people stealing baby formula from the local Walmart.

    Investigators said the video shows Christopher and Krystal Birchfield walking the aisles with their 10-month-old baby, stuffing cans of formula into the cart.

    The video shows the couple leave an area of the store with a full cart but when they got back in camera view, the formula was no longer in their cart.

    Investigators said the couple was confronted trying to leave the store with just the stroller, which is when Krystal Birchfield tried to push past the worker on her way out.

    Authorities said the Birchfields tried to conceal 29 cans of formula worth over $600 in their child's stroller.

    Investigators said the couple is also responsible for formula thefts inside an Orange County Walmart. When authorities searched their car, they found more than 200 cans of additional former.

    Investigators said they think the couple may have hit other stores around the state, and it's possible a statewide case could be built.

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