• Orlando firefighter accused of drinking on the job


    DEBARY, Fla. - An Orlando firefighter was accused of drinking on the job and then driving a city-owned truck.

    A report says the firefighter was suspended but got to keep his rank and that truck.

    Some firefighters said they think he was given special treatment.

    Orlando fire lieutenant Leslie Kinsella was docked 40 hours pay after being investigated over photographs and accusations that he drank beer in uniform at O'Leary's Pub in DeBary, which he owns with Deputy Fire Chief John McCormack, and then drove his city truck.

    Complainant Allan Gochal thinks it should have cost him the use of his vehicle when he's not on the job in Orlando.

    "If that comes with rank then I think it should cause an issue with his rank," Gochal said.

    Kinsella is forbidden to drive the truck to his pub, but the city says it couldn't prove he was drinking beer.

    Gochal believes the yellow gold liquid in the glass with the white foam on top was beer and said it certainly looked like beer.

    Kinsella denies it was beer but didn't say what it was he was drinking.

    Records show Kinsella, who trains firefighters to drive fire trucks was on the clock when photos were taken in DeBary, though he claimed otherwise.

    Gochal didn't know Kinsella had a business relationship with his deputy fire chief until Monday.

    "Sounds like there is a Good Ole Boy network to me," Gochal said.

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    Orlando firefighter accused of drinking on the job