• Driver takes photo of Lynx driver he says made obscene hand gesture at him


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A motorist snapped a picture of an Access Lynx bus driver and tweeted it to Channel 9. He said the Lynx driver drove recklessly and then made an obscene gesture with his hand in the direction of the man.
    The photo came just days after a woman had a seizure, while waiting in a thunderstorm, for an Access Lynx driver who was very late.
    Last week Channel 9 reported on Charolette Alexander who was left stranded in the rain for hours waiting for her Access Lynx driver to pick her up.
    "I felt stranded. I was stranded," Alexander said."
    Access Lynx is a public transportation service for the disabled.
    On Thursday Channel 9's Lori Brown spoke with Lynx officials who said they are making changes, in light of recent issues.
    Officials said the driver accused of driving recklessly displayed unacceptable behavior and that all of their contracted employees will be getting a customer service "retraining."
    The recipient of the obscene gesture said he was traveling north on State Road 417 near the Aloma Avenue exit when the Access Lynx bus cut him off.
    He said he threw his hand up in annoyance and the bus driver then flipped him off for about 10 seconds. He said he took a picture of the back of the bus just as the bus driver changed lanes.
    The man said he kept his camera ready in case the driver repeated the obscene gesture, which he did. The result was the photo tweeted to Channel 9.
    The man who tweeted the picture told Channel 9's Lori Brown by email that he reported the incident because, "It's our tax dollars at work. He's clearly angry, and he's subjecting his handicapped passengers to his road rage."
    Lynx passengers Brown spoke with were surprised.
    "That's definitely unprofessional," said Felicia Lavalle.
    "He should be suspended, to think about his actions. He is driving people around, that's their life in his hands," said Jaylen Alexander.
    Lynx officials said the driver who was alleged to have made an obscene gesture will receive a disciplinary hearing.

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    Driver takes photo of Lynx driver he says made obscene hand gesture at him