Eustis homeowner says pet dog saved her and son from bear attack

EUSTIS, Fla. — A 15-pound dachshund trying to protect its owner from a black bear is recovering after being attacked.

The attack comes nearly a week after a Yorkie was attacked in Heathrow. The Yorkie, named Brody, died from his injuries Friday following several surgeries.

FWC trapped and killed the adult bear that killed Brody and relocated the bear’s cubs to the Ocala National Forest.

The dachshund, named Daisy, was very banged up after going toe-to-toe with a bear.

Daisy’s owner, Krystal Long, said she was unloading groceries at her Eustis home when she spotted the 200 pounds bear inside her garage.

Long said they’re forever grateful to Daisy because they believe the dog may have saved her and her son’s lives.

“I really thought that I was going to die and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to my son,” she said.  “I started throwing things at it to get it to go away because usually when you do that, they take off. But this bear was different. It only enraged him and made him come closer.”

Long said her son and Daisy heard the commotion and came running.

Once outside, Long said Daisy got between the bear and her family, and was then attacked.

“He had her pinned down with one paw and he was ripping into her,” Long said.

The distraction gave Long the time she needed to get her son back into the house, but she wasn’t planning to leave Daisy behind.

“I ran in and I got my gun and I was going to get my dog because I wasn’t going to let the bear finish her off” she said.

But when she got outside, the bear had left.

Daisy suffered broken ribs and serious lacerations that required surgery.

Despite the injuries, veterinarians said Daisy is going to survive.

Long set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the dog's medical expenses.