Governor's plans unclear for housing for Puerto Rican evacuees

Governor's plans unclear for housing for Puerto Rican evacuees
Evacuees from Puerto Rico who left the island to escape the destruction of Hurricane Maria are still struggling to find places to live.
The evacuees have run into problems with finding housing and jobs, and being approved for loans.
Gov. Rick Scott does not have specific plans for housing, but told Channel 9 on Monday that he’s going to do everything he can to come up with a way to get it done.
For week, Orange County has been asking the state to help evacuees find a place to live.  
“We are going to do everything we can to take care of them,” Scott said. “We are working with both the locals and the federal government, with FEMA.”
Orange County said communication from the state has been decreasing during the last few weeks.
In letters to the governor and the emergency management director, Mayor Teresa Jacobs suggested the state come up with a consistent housing plan that each affected county can use.
More than 165,000 Puerto Ricans are expected in Central Florida by the end of the year.
Channel 9’s Lauren Seabrook asked the governor whose responsibility it should be to make sure there’s housing for the evacuees.
“Everybody’s got to work together. The locals have to work with the state, and all of us have to work with FEMA,” said Scott.
Scott said about 119,000 Puerto Ricans are already in Florida.