• Investigation launched after Leesburg residents don't receive mail, packages

    By: Lauren Seabrook


    LEESBURG, Fla. - Special agents are working in Leesburg to find out why so many customers are missing mail.

    The Office of Inspector General launched a full investigation a few days after Channel 9's Lauren Seabrook notified the agency of more than 50 people who say they're missing important tax documents, bills, packages and gift cards.

    Linda Renn said when she checked the tracking on a package she was expecting, it said it was delivered to her porch. 

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    But when she went back to check her security cameras on that day, she said a package was never dropped off. 

    "There's something wrong here, something's going on," Renn said. 

    Renn moved in to her home in Leesburg 17 years ago, but she's never had an issue with her mail until recently.

    "Now I'm unsure to even go to the Leesburg Post Office," Renn said. 

    She first noticed something was up about four months ago when she ordered a big box of chia seeds.

    Renn tracked the package and the Postal Service showed it was delivered Nov. 17. 

    But she never heard a knock that day and the package wasn't there, so she went to the Leesburg Post Office.

    "He was trying to say maybe somebody followed the truck and stole the package after he delivered it on my front door step," Renn said.

    She checked her security cameras, but a package was never dropped off.

    She said she then tried to give a Postal supervisor a copy of the video.

    "He was not interested. That was very disappointing to me," she said.

    A representative for the Postal Service says two supervisors don't recall being offered the video, but they say the one Renn spoke with might have moved to another location.    

    They also told us the supervisor should have taken the video and followed up and they're sorry that did not happen.

    More than 50 others say they're missing mail either sent or expected in Leesburg.

    Renn said she also recently sent two cards with gift certificates inside that never made it.

    The Postal Service also added when issues occur, it takes steps to quickly resolve concerns.

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