• Kissimmee man convicted of stealing identities sentenced to two years in prison


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - An Osceola County man convicted of stealing the identities of people across the country and wiping out their bank accounts was sentenced to two years in prison.

    That’s just a fraction of the 24 years Vernon Fenty was facing.

    Some of the victims told WFTV’s Renee Stoll it took months to get thousands of stolen dollars back, while others said they got their money back in a matter of weeks.

    Investigators said he stole the identities of at least six people at banks across Florida and the scheme netted Fenty $100,000.

    One of the victims of the scheme owns a financial firm and couldn’t believe he became a victim.

    “I’ve taken every precaution that I can think of and still, I was nailed by it,” James Ford said.

    Surveillance cameras caught Fenty going into banks and using fake ID’s to withdraw money.

    Investigators believe he was part of a larger ring in the business of buying and selling personal information.

    After more than two years on the run, he was caught and then sentenced with two years in prison earlier in the week.

    “It just seems a little light. If he had gone to a liquor store and robbed it, he would have gotten more,” Ford said.

    Ford said the light sentence is even more bothersome because the fraud has opened him up to even more financial problems.

    “There’s been an attempted access to my online account twice so far this month, where I’ve had to go and change my password, so it’s still scary and I’m still continuing to be hit,” Ford said.

    The Attorney General’s office said it is pleased with the two years the judge gave Fenty.

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    Kissimmee man convicted of stealing identities sentenced to two years in prison