• Landfill owner's latest project upsets residents in Eustis


    EUSTIS, Fla. - Some Lake County residents are frustrated that a small landfill near their homes will expand its business.

    The dump along County Road 439 takes construction debris but the owner is now getting into the dirt business, something neighbors oppose.

    Residents crowded a county commission meeting to oppose plans to allow the dump's owners to remove sand from the property and sell it to builders of the Wekiva Parkway.    In a split vote, the commission agreed.

    Residents had been holding out hope that once the landfill was full, the dump would close.  But now that the county has issued the permit, they're afraid they'll be stuck with it for years to come.

    But a spokesman for the owner said the dirt project is closer to a 90-day project.

    "These kind of big road projects want all their dirt at once.  So, I did want to point out were not talking about years of hauling here.  We're talking about a very short-term impact," the lawyer said.

    But the dump could still stay open long-term. 

    Sharon Kaye said she and her neighbors are upset over the ordeal.

    "I know they're angry.  I know they are, because they're getting sick of it, too," said Kaye.

    Residents were hoping to be rid of the big trucks that come and go from the site.

    "What's wrong with these commissioners?" said Kaye. "Who wants that in their backyard?  Let them live there and see if they would like it."

    As part of the deal, the landfill's owner agreed to more monitoring of the site, especially to preserve water quality.

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    Landfill owner's latest project upsets residents in Eustis