• Lynx changes catch some Osceola riders by surprise


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - If you're one of the thousands of bus riders in Osceola County, chances are your route took you into downtown Kissimmee Monday, even though you had no plans of going there.

    Lynx started rerouting the county's bus routes Sunday through the new Kissimmee transportation hub by the Amtrak station.

    Channel 9's Racquel Asa spoke to some passengers who were late for work Monday, after they said the route changes took them well out of the way.

    Eight of the county's nine bus routes changed Sunday. Officials have been handing out schedules to help make riders aware of the changes, but some riders said the changes are an inconvenience.

    Maria Mendez said her schedule changed because she now has to take two buses rather than one.

    A $1.2 million federal grant paid for the new bus hub.

    Lynx officials said they moved the bus hub downtown, rather than keeping it at the Osceola Square Mall, because the new location creates a transportation hub for the county. Right next door is the Amtrak station, the Greyhound bus station and it is the site of a future SunRail station.

    Sharon Turner said the new transportation hub is convenient for her tax preparation business.

    "For me it's a whole group of people I can talk to every day, to get inside my office," said Turner.

    When Asa walked around the new bus depot she couldn't find a bus schedule post anywhere.

    The only schedules Asa could find were the ones being handed out by Lynx workers.

    "I knew the schedule was going to change, but I didn't know it was going to take this long," said Mendez.

    Only one bus traveling through Kissimmee will not be coming through the new station. The stop for Link 56 will stay at the Osceola Square Mall.

    Lynx officials told Asa that schedules will soon be posted for riders and workers at the new bus hub.

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