• Man accused of intimidating drug case witness


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A family member of an accused drug trafficker is accused of trying to tamper with a witness.

    The day before Christmas, Kenneth Hunt was shot five times in what police said was a drug-related hit.

    Hunt survived, but no sooner was he out of the hospital than he was in the Seminole County Jail facing charges of racketeering and trafficking in cocaine.

    A witness in the case who did not want to be identified said Hunt's family is coming after her.

    She said James Mike, Hunt's cousin, cornered her in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights.

    She said it was clear he wanted to keep her from testifying.

    The witness said Mike approached her car, fidgeted with his pants like he had a gun, and then told her he was "going to do what he had to do."

    A woman who identified herself as Mike's mother said her son wasn't trying to intimidate the victim.

    "He just walked up to her and asked her a question, just talked to her like me and you are talking," Mike's mother said.

    "Nobody even knew she was a state witness until they arrested him, so how could he be tampering or intimidating a state witness when he didn't even know she was a state witness?" said Mike's mother.

    Because Hunt is facing a third-degree felony, his cousin Mike could now also face a third-degree felony.

    Hunt is due in court in August on drug trafficking and racketeering charges.

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    Man accused of intimidating drug case witness