• Melbourne man arrested after grandmother, 87, died from lack of medication and care, police say

    By: Melonie Holt , James Tutten


    MELBOURNE, Fla. - A Melbourne man charged with the aggravated manslaughter of his grandmother is out on bond. 

    According to investigators, her grandson neglected her medical care.

    Melbourne police said the suspect was provided with detailed instructions on what his grandmother needed but failed to follow them.


    Police said that medical staff even tried to follow up with the suspect but their calls were never returned.

    Allen Arias, 41, bonded out of jail on a charge of aggravated manslaughter in the death of his 87-year-old grandmother. 

    He didn't have anything to say about the allegation, but Melbourne police said Anita Arias was in extremely poor health and had injuries consistent with medical neglect.  

    According to court documents, the elderly woman had multiple pressure ulcers and the ulcers on her feet had active insect activity.

    Investigators described the elderly woman's living conditions inside the family's home as deplorable. 

    On Friday afternoon, a neighbor said Allen Arias is a good guy who was in a difficult situation caring for his grandmother, and she doesn't believe he should be facing charges.

    “His grandmother wouldn't let his wife take care of her, you know. She was in the midst of dying. She was getting mean,” said neighbor April Clark.

    Arias told police he would fight to bathe his grandmother once weekly and that she would decline to eat most meals in favor of ice cream instead.

    According to the medical examiner's office, Arias’ manner of death was natural, but it was caused by complications from dehydration, emaciation and hyperglycemia, suggestive of neglect.

    Investigators found various medications at the elderly woman's home that appeared to be unused.

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