• More evidence released in case of man accused of shooting, killing fiancé


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - More evidence has been released in the case of an Orange County man accused of killing his fiancé.

    The neighbor who called 911, Teodoro Valle, described John Michael DeJesus to the dispatcher as “nervous” and “crazy acting” the day YolizMarie DeJesus Borrero was killed in April, possibly in front of one of her two young children.

    Valle called 911 after DeJesus showed up at his house in a frenzied state.

    Detectives believe it wasn’t a sign of grief, but possibly of a killer who took an innocent woman’s life.

    DeJesus told detectives Borrero was shot and killed in a home invasion.

    He also admitted he stripped his clothes after the shooting.

    Another neighbor's surveillance camera caught footage of DeJesus running down the streets and jumping a fence toward a retention pond.

    Diver’s later found the gun used in the shooting at the bottom of the pond.

    The new evidence shows the gun belonged to DeJesus’s acquaintance, Raphael Rosario, who said the gun was stolen from him.

    “We call him ‘Danger’ at the club,” Rosario told detectives.

    The evidence also includes interviews with Borrero’s father and sister.

    They tell the story of a troubled and volatile relationship.

    Her father told detectives DeJesus threatened to kill her family, and at one point told him he needed to come get his daughter because one day he was going to kill her.

    Borrero’s sister revealed even more details, including that she had an affair with DeJesus before her sister was killed, and that he was very controlling.

    WFTV’s legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said prosecutors will likely weave all the evidence throughout their entire argument, if the case goes to trial.

    “Certainly prosecutors out of the gate are going to want the jurors to know he was prone to violence,” Sheaffer said.

    DeJesus was charged with first-degree murder.

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    More evidence released in case of man accused of shooting, killing fiancé