• More red light cameras coming to Orange Co.


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - More red light cameras will be added to busy intersections all over Orange County.

    Orange County commissioners approved a plan on Tuesday to allow five state-approved red light camera companies to offer up their plan to install and operate the additional cameras.

    Since the program began in Feb. 2011, the county has issued more than 20,000 tickets and collected more than $2 million in fines.

    Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs said she understands the frustration of drivers who will be getting more tickets.

    "It's disappointing, but what's more disappointing is killing someone when you are running a red light. We've got to change the behavior of our drivers here in Central Florida and Orange County, that red means stop," Jacobs said.

    Drivers had different opinions about red light cameras.

    "I'm pregnant with twins, so I would like for people to stop at the red lights," said driver Laura Powers.

    "Not everybody that runs a red light is going to kill somebody," driver Kevin Sutton.

    Statistics from the county show crashes are down at seven of the 10 intersections were cameras have been installed.

    WFTV found out that the amount of money the county will collect from its share of ticket revenue will likely increase. 

    Right now the pot is at nearly $500,000. 

    County officials said the program is working.  Crashes and emergency responses are down at seven of the 10 intersections with cameras. Those are numbers that make driver Laura Powers all for adding more cameras.

    "I think that those people that do have a problem with it are probably the ones who are more likely to run a red light," Powers said.

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