Obstruction of breakfast: Lakeland man faces charges after eating pancakes on roadway

LAKELAND, Fla. — A 21-year-old Lakeland man is facing charges after police said he ate his breakfast in an intersection.

Police responded to a call Tuesday about a man sitting in a crosswalk of the east lanes of Memorial Boulevard and Brunnell Parkway.

The caller said the man was sitting in a chair with a small table and eating what appeared to be pancakes.

The man was gone when police arrived, but video and pictures of the incident surfaced on Facebook.

Officers said they were able to identify the man as Kiaron Thomas.

Thomas told officers he did it as a prank, police said.

Police said because the roadway breakfast prevented vehicles from crossing, they charged him with obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the flow of traffic.

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Posted by Travis Riley on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Suspect Charged After Eating Pancakes in Roadway On March 21st at 10:50 a.m., the Lakeland Police Department received a...

Posted by LakelandPD on Friday, March 24, 2017
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