• Police arrest man accused of taking upskirt photos of women in Target, Walmart


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County sheriff's investigators arrested a man who they are calling the "Hands-Free Video Voyeur."

    Investigators said Nicholas Fusaro, 28, used a cellphone to capture images under the skirt of an unsuspecting female shopper at a Target store on North Alafaya Trail.

    Store security was watching the man on surveillance, saying he was acting suspiciously.

    Fusaro was arrested late Wednesday night at a Walmart for doing the same thing, officers said.

    In the Target surveillance video, Fusaro is seen tucking part of his cellphone under a large bag of dog food on the bottom of a shopping cart.

    He is then seen closely following a woman wearing a dress, moving the front of his cart close to her.  According to investigators, Fusaro was trying to record images under her skirt.

    Investigators said the man also attempted to record images under the skirt of at least one other female shopper.

    Fusaro was later seen leaving the Target store on his motorcycle, wearing a mask, investigators said. Authorities said the motorcycle had an American flag flying from the back.

    At the Walmart, a customer said he was walking through the store and recognized Fusaro from a news report about the Target incident.

    The customer notified Walmart security after he followed the man to the cash registers, where he said Fusaro allegedly placed a cellphone on the bottom of his cart.

    The cellphone was placed under a bag of dog food, just like in the Target incident. The customer said the man then pushed the cart up to a female so the phone could view under her skirt.

    The customer said he confronted the man and asked what he was doing, and then yelled for security.

    Authorities said a security guard tried to stop the man, who left the store and drove off.

    Authorities said they were able to check the license plate number on the car, which was registered to Fusaro.

    Fusaro was taken into custody at his home.

    He was booked into the Orange County Jail early Thursday morning on $2,000 bond.

    He was charged with two counts of video voyeurism: one for the Target incident, and one for the following incident at Walmart.

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    Police arrest man accused of taking upskirt photos of women in Target, Walmart