• Daytona Beach man says cop targeted him with Taser


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 talked with a Daytona Beach man who said an Orlando police officer shot him with a Taser twice even though he wasn't doing anything wrong.

    The entire incident was captured on camera, and now Eric Butler is suing.

    Butler said the whole thing started when he tried to break up a fight between two women inside Panino's Pizza.

    Surveillance video shows Butler being shoved two times, then while standing with his arms at his sides, palms up, Officer Frederick Dantes shoots him with a Taser.

    Dantes charged Butler with battery and resisting arrest, but the state attorney dropped all of the charges against him.

    Out of the camera's view, Butler said the officer later shot him with the Taser a second and third time.

    "I said, 'I didn't do anything, why are you putting your hands on me?'" Butler said. "I saw this look in his eyes, it was just crazy."

    WFTV showed the former police chief of Port Orange, Bob Ford, the video to get his take.

    "Based on what could be seen in the video, clearly follow-up needs to be done," Ford said.

    In the police report, Dantes said he shot Butler with the Taser because he had moved his arm in a swiping motion and struck the officer's left arm and then refused command to put his arms behind his back.

    Butler said he thinks the officer targeted him.

    "When you look at the police report he mentions my nationality and race several times, 'This black male, this black male,'" Butler said.

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    Daytona Beach man says cop targeted him with Taser