• Ormond Beach residents concerned about multiple sex offenders living in single homes

    By: Samantha Manning


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Residents of one Ormond Beach home have expressed concern that dozens of convicted sex offenders are living in their neighborhood, with many homes housing more than one offender.

    When one mother moved in with her five children, she didn't realize there were so many sex offenders living in the area, and didn't realize so many would move in later.

    "It's kind of scary," she said. "There's so many of those people around here."

    Once in the neighborhood, the woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was alerted every time a registered sex offender moved into the neighborhood.

    "I just kept getting notices in the mail left and right," she said.

    The woman's oldest son, Isaiah Gomillion, 19, said he helps take care of his three younger brothers and keeps track of where the sex offenders in the neighborhood live.

    "I do watch the houses that have sex offenders and everything else and it sketches me out," he said. 

    Gomillion's mother said she, likewise, makes sure her children are safe.

    "I keep a close eye on my kids, definitely," she said. "They're in the house a lot, or within this gate, and that's why I have a pit bull."

    Law enforcement officials said they have not had any enforcement issues with the sex offenders living in the area.

    Within a mile of the concerned resident's home, state records show there are at least 60 registered sex offenders.

    Within the city of Ormond Beach, there are more than 90 registered sex offenders, according to the Florida Sex Offender Registry.

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