Parents of Central Middle School students says school should do more to stop bullying

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A group of Brevard County parents said bullying at a middle school has gotten out of hand, but the school claims there are no problems.

The tipping point for the parents was video of a fight that was posted on social media.

Seven parents told Channel 9 most of the fights are caused by bullies.

The cellphone video of the fight from last month at Central showed a girl being beaten up by a classmate.

A district students said both students involved were equally at fault.

“My daughter has been bullied at Central Middle School and they’ve done nothing,” said parent Jeannie Dorado.

In the video, Dorado’s daughter is seen being kicked and punched.

Dorado recently organized a group of parents, who also believe bullying has become an issue.

“We all need to stand up for these kids. This needs to stop,” Dorado said.

One parent said the school needs to do more to connect with students.

“They have to listen to these children more. They have to make it a situation where it’s more comfortable for these children to speak up,” said parent Louisa Owens.

A district spokesperson sad there’s no bullying problem at the school.

The spokesperson said teachers and counselors go through programs yearly to identify, and try to prevent bullying.

Parents said it’s not the guidelines they have an issue with, but rather implementation of the guidelines.

“We are just trying to spread awareness,” said Dorado.

The organizer said a group of 20 parents will be in shirts that read, “STOP YOUR BULLYING” on Saturday.

They will meet and decide how they will get school leaders to hear their message.