• Port Orange officers resign following prescription pill investigation


    PORT ORANGE, Fla.,None - Two Port Orange police officers who were under investigation for mishandling prescription pills have resigned and officials said one of the officers lied about the pills under oath.

    The investigation started in September, when the police department launched an internal affairs investigation into officer Richard Vingara, who had legally-prescribed pain medication. He was well aware of the investigation.

    Following that, a report shows that Vingara approached another officer, Brian Rizzo, and asked him for some of his prescribed pain medication.

    The report said that Vingara wanted the pills to cover for the fact that he didn't have enough, in case an internal affairs investigator counted his supply. Police won't say why Vingara may have been missing pills.

    Police knew that Vingara approached Rizzo through an undercover source. Then, last month, the police chief questioned Vingara under oath.

    In the report, it says the chief asked Vinagra if he ever shared prescription drugs with anybody. In the report's transcript, Vingara replied, 'No, sir!'

    A few weeks later, Vinagra resigned. As for officer Rizzo, he told investigators he was trying to help a friend. He was questioned by a disciplinary review board and he resigned just last week.

    The report also says Vingara used his department laptop to check if he had a warrant for his arrest.

    Neither officer is facing criminal charges.

    The state will decide if they get to keep their law enforcement certification.

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    Port Orange officers resign following prescription pill investigation