Red Cross volunteers from Central Florida respond to Louisiana flooding

LOUISIANA — As widespread flooding inundates the state of Louisiana, volunteers from across the country are making a trek to help residents affected by the rising waters.

Central Florida volunteers will be among them, as 20 Red Cross personnel made the trip to the storm-ravaged area.

President Barack Obama has declared the flooding a federal disaster, and more than 11,000 people have been forced from their homes.

Even as the rain subsides, flood waters are expected to continue to rise for several days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said.

“While Louisianans are no strangers to flooding conditions, this round of flooding is unprecedented,” FEMA wrote on its website. “Flood gauges across the state are hitting high levels with several areas not expecting to cres until later into the week.”

More than 14,000 Louisiana residents have registered for FEMA assistance and numerous mobile emergency response teams have been dispatched to the state.

Central Florida Red Cross volunteers will assist with sheltering displaced residents, preparing food, logistics and more.

The Red Cross is calling the response to the Louisiana flooding the largest relief effort since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.