• Report: Palm Coast city employees caught on video accepting gifts they weren't allowed to take

    By: Michael Springer


    PALM COAST, Fla. - An investigation has been launched after video revealed Palm Coast city employees accepting gifts of whiskey and chocolate they knew they couldn't take.

    A contractor told city investigators that the items were meant to be Christmas gifts to thank employees for their help throughout the year. 

    According to a report, a contractor from Blue Crown Construction dropped off eight gift boxes of Crown Royal Whiskey, one bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey and 8 boxes of chocolate to the building department on December 20.

    The report claims a video showed employee Teresa Williams accepting the gifts and placing them under her desk.

    Plans Examiner Daniel Rewis then comes over to talk to the contractor about a hold on a permit before Williams shows him the gifts under her desk.

    The men then talk for a few minutes before the contractor leaves and the status of the permit isn't changed.

    Video then shows Rewis placing some of the gifts under his shirt and walking out of the front door. 

    Rewis resigned before the investigation began and was not interviewed. Williams was interviewed and given a five-day suspension before resigning in March because she was unhappy with working conditions in the building.

    Five other department employees who accepted the gifts received suspensions ranging from two to five days.

    The employees involved all returned the gifts to the human resources department. 

    The city said the chocolate and alcohol were later returned to the contractor, who said he didn't realize giving the gifts was wrong. 

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