Statement from Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump

The following is a transcription of a statement read by Benjamin Crump following the jury's delivery of its verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman:

We are very saddened by the jury's verdict. The family is heartbroken. Sybrina and Tracy would like to thank people around the world for their support. The prosecution, Ms. Angela Corey, Mr. Bernie de la Rionda, Attorney John Guy and Mr. Rich Mantei and everybody from the prosecutor's office. To everybody who put their hoodies up and to everybody who said 'I am Trayvon,' his family expresses their heartfelt gratitude for helping them these past 17 months.

To Tracy and Sybrina, Trayvon's parents, your tireless work in the name of your son has made Sanford and many other cities just a little safer for all our children. I know Trayvon is up there proud at the changes that you as his parents have inspired in his name. 

This morning, Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter Dr. Bernice King tweeted me a message that read, "Today is a defining moment for the status of my father's dream... whatever the Zimmerman verdict is," she tweeted, "in the words of my father, 'We must conduct ourselves on a higher plane of dignity and discipline.'" 

Trayvon Martin will forever remain in the annals of history next to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all. 

Tracy and Sybrina are thankful for all those prayers over the past 17 months since the death of their son. This is a very trying time for their family and we ask that you respect their privacy. In conclusion, for Trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful. Thank you.