• Thieves break into 20 cars in Seminole Co.


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Officials in Seminole County are urging residents to keep an eye on their cars after 20 vehicles were broken into in one night.

    Deputies said the thieves used what they found inside the cars to break into people's homes in two neighborhoods.

    Eyewitness News obtained surveillance video of one of the suspect's attempting to break into a car Saturday night.

    The cars were easy to get into because all of them, except for one, were unlocked.

    The thieves took whatever they saw, even the loose change in the cupholders. What concerns residents the most is that in some instances, they also took the garage door openers and used them that same night.

    Mary Anne Adams is warning her neighbors about the discovery her husband made Sunday morning.

    "He said, 'Gee I think somebody's been in my car 'cause things were rearranged in my car,'" Adams said.

    Their car is one of 20 hit in the Sweetwater and Wekiva Springs neighborhoods.

    Deputies think a man caught on surveillance with a $400 camera around his neck is one of the people responsible.

    Deputies think he stole it from another car.

    On his head was a miner's head light.

    Neighbors never imagined a scheme like this would work in a normally quiet and vigilant neighborhood.

    "Very surprising. People are concerned because it's so unusual," resident Dave Grunderman said.

    In two instances, the thieves took the garage door opener and used it to gain access inside the homes, all while families were sleeping inside.

    In both cases, the family dog woke up the residents and one sleepy homeowner found the suspects in his kitchen before they ran off.

    The "what if" scares Adams.

    "That must have been a wake up call for us all to maybe lock our cars and, you know, not take things for granted," Adams said.

    One victim told deputies he did lock his car, but admitted that he left a window rolled down. The suspects crawled inside to get his stuff. Deputies don't have many descriptive details of the guy other than that they're white men. One is about 5 foot 6 inches tall and the other is about 5 feet tall.

    They hope the video they released Tuesday will generate new leads.

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    Thieves break into 20 cars in Seminole Co.