• Video shows Orlando cop shooting at suspect in downtown parking garage


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Newly-released video gives a clearer picture of what happened during an officer-involved police shooting in a downtown Orlando parking garage in February.
    That shooting resulted in an Orlando police officer being indicted on two charges, one of which is a felony.
    Security video just released shows Orlando police Officer David Johnston opening fire with his assault rifle as domestic violence suspect Derrick Lattimore was approaching the exit of a parking garage.
    The video shows Johnston go to his car, get his assault rifle and fire as he walked toward Lattimore's car.

    Johnston opened fire on the ground floor of the West Pine Street parking garage after two other officers had opened fire on Lattimore on the fifth floor.
    Security video shows Johnston take his assault rifle from his patrol car, which was parked outside the closed gates of the garage, and shoot at the suspect, whose car was inside the gates.
    Video from one camera shows dust flying from the concrete wall as the bullets hit.
    A report shows Johnston would have had to  pull the trigger 23 times.
    "Initially your reaction is going to be, look, the circumstances didn't justify the level of force, the officer's 88 feet away, the suspect's behind a gate and no one appears to be in imminent danger," WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said.
    One eyewitness told police she did not hear Johnston call out any warnings. She said she just heard rapid gunfire.
    A report said there were multiple bullet holes in Lattimore's headrest. Lattimore initially thought he had been hit, but was struck by shattering glass.
    Police did not find a weapon in Lattimore's car but the report said Lattimore had left and gone back after his former girlfriend reported he was threatening her with a weapon.
    The report shows Johnston told a fellow officer he heard the earlier shots fired and the suspect's car was coming "closer and closer."  
    Johnston said Lattimore crashed, then got out of the car, but it appears Johnston fired before the crash, and time passed before Lattimore got out of the car and onto the ground. 
    One officer said Johnston teared up, believing he had killed Lattimore.
    Johnston had completed his AR-15 rifle training less than a month before the shooting. None of his shots hit Lattimore.
    Johnston has entered a written not guilty plea to the charges.

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    Video shows Orlando cop shooting at suspect in downtown parking garage