Volusia County prepares for Hurricane Isaias

VIDEO: Volusia County prepares for Hurricane Isaias

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Hurricane Isaias continues to move northwest, making its way toward Central Florida.

Isaias could bring lots of rain and winds along the Volusia County coast this weekend. Most cities are offering sandbags to residents, and beach safety personnel are removing trash cans off the beach.

Volusia County is not opening up its shelters yet.

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The county has begun securing items along its beaches in case the storm moves up the coast.

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Isaias could also bring some hazardous surf conditions along the coast.

“This weekend is not the weekend to come and try your surfboard or paddleboard, said Tammy Malphurs, with Volusia County Beach Safety. “It’s not for the novice out there trying new things. Even experience surfers and swimmers need to be careful.”

The city of Daytona Beach is getting ready for the storm as well. It is cleaning out all its drains and lowering the water levels in local ponds so it handle more rain if the storm comes through.

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