• Woman accused of using Craigslist to rip off people looking to rent houses


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County woman is accused of using Craigslist to prey on people who were searching for a place to live, authorities said.

    Deputies said Tammi Seger ripped off about 30 people and cashed in on more than $50,000.

    However, Seger claims she was a victim, too.  She said she didn't know what was going on, and that she wasn't getting paid.

    But, deputies said she was a part of a group that would post ads on Craigslist, claiming they had houses for rent.

    When people responded to the ads, detectives said the group would conduct the transaction as if it were legitimate, and would even send victims lease agreements.

    Once the victim signed them and wired the money to the suspect via Western Union, they discovered there was no house for rent and they had been ripped off.

    So far, they have identified about 24 victims from all over the country.

    Seger said she met several men on Craigslist, and one wanted her help collecting money for his business. She said that's all that she was doing when she was busted.

    Detectives said they discovered that over a two-year time span, Seger had $52,604 in Western Union transactions.

    They said Seger was sent $21,350 from unsuspecting victims, and she sent $13,140 overseas to the men she supposedly met online. Investigators said she kept $8,021 for herself.

    Seger was out of jail Tuesday, but was not available for comment.

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    Woman accused of using Craigslist to rip off people looking to rent houses