Stimulus checks: Who gets one, how much, and when?

ORLANDO, Fla. — For the second time this year, Congress is sending every American a stimulus check.

Though lawmakers could still increase the amount, right now, the size of the payments is set at $600.

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According to the details of the package, anyone 17 years of age and older with a social security number will get $600, and another $600 for every child they claim on their taxes.

The IRS will use the most recent tax return they have on-hand to confirm whether a person qualifies.

People making less than $75,000 a year and married couples making less than $150,000 will get the full payment.

The payments drop incrementally from there with higher incomes, capping at $87,000.

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Like the last stimulus, retirees will also get checks. If they didn’t file taxes, their income will be calculated from their 1099 form.

“There is a lot in here,” former Republican staffer Liam Donovan says. “It should have happened sooner, but it’s about time we get this relief to people.”

Donovan notes the individual stimulus checks are just a part of the larger bill, but the part that will impact the most people.

“The checks certainly are the sugar that help the medicine go down.”

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As for when the payments should actually arrive, direct deposits are expected to start as early as Monday, January 4, with physical checks going out the following week.

Congress is still considering a plan to increase the individual payments to $2,000 per person, but it’s unclear if there are enough votes in the Senate for it to pass.