American Airlines cancels 300 more flights Monday

After a weekend of cancellations due to staffing and weather, American Airlines has canceled another round of flights Monday morning.

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CNN reported that the latest round of trips being canceled is a “days-long chain reaction.”

The company had canceled 1,058 flights Sunday, or about one in every five that had been scheduled.

Days before, American had canceled 548 flights on Saturday and 343 flights on Friday.

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As of Monday morning, the company had canceled 301 flights or about 10% of its schedule and delayed another 200 flights, USA Today reported.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, David Seymore, said American Airlines was “proactively canceling” flights after high winds and bad weather impacted travel.

American has also recalled 1,800 flight attendants from pandemic time-off, CNN reported.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that staffing and weather have impacted flight schedules. Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights, costing the airline $75 million, CNN reported.

Spirit Airlines also canceled flights over seven consecutive days earlier this year, USA Today reported.