Wisconsin woman performs ritual on dead possum in road, tells it to ‘repent,’ police say

WAUKESHA, Wis. — A Wisconsin woman had 5 pounds of possum in her headlights Monday.

According to witnesses and a police report, the woman performed a spiritual ritual on a dead opossum in the road, then pulled out a Green Bay Packers lawn chair from her vehicle and urged the animal to “repent."

The woman was apparently driving on a Waukesha road when she saw the dead critter, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. According to witnesses, the woman got out of her vehicle, opened the passenger door and threw goldfish and windshield wiper fluid on the possum, the newspaper reported.

A second person said the woman took out the lawn chair and yelled “repent” at the dead animal, WJDT reported.

A person who had been following the woman’s vehicle called the police and reported her behavior was erratic, the Journal Sentinel reported.

According to the police log, the animal -- which was not playing possum -- was removed from the highway, WJDT reported.