Woman welcomes 14-pound baby after 17 miscarriages

PHOENIX, Ariz. — After multiple heartaches brought on by repeated miscarriages, a family in Arizona has welcomed one big baby.

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Cary Patonai and her husband Tim Patonai are now the proud parents of Finnley, who came into the world weighing 14.1 pounds, or nearly the weight of two typical newborns, KNXV reported.

Not only was he heavy, but he also measured about 24 inches long.

“They got him on the scale, like 14.1, I’ve never seen it that big. The doctor and one of the sweetest nurses there, they were all taking selfies with us. They asked permission of course, but they were just so pumped,” Cary Patonai told KNXV.

He may be one of the largest babies at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, Arizona, KSAZ reported.

Finnley had to spend over a week in the newborn intensive care unit, where at one point he was one of four babies. He weighed what the other three children did combined, KSAZ reported.

The parents had one minor problem they didn’t consider when they went to deliver. The clothes that they had brought to take their newborn home were not going to fit.

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They had brought an outfit intended for a 0-to 3-month-old. Instead, Finnley went home in a onesie made for a 6- to 9-months old. He’s also wearing size 2 diapers.

They should have been prepared for his size, because Finnley isn’t the first big baby for the Patonai family. His big brothers were 11.1 pounds and 8.2 pounds at birth. The last ultrasound before he was born estimated Finnley’s weight as 14 pounds. Nurses though told the family that the estimates can be off, KSAZ reported.

Finnley’s birth was partially bittersweet as he came to full term after Cary Patonai had suffered 17 miscarriages. In two of the pregnancies she lost she was carrying twins, KNXV reported.