Toyota of Clermont offers used car shopping tips!

Are you in the market for a solid used car in Orlando? If you are, then you’re definitely in good hands at Toyota of Clermont. Our dealership has a huge selection of used cars for sale, including various makes and models… and all of them are at incredible low prices to ensure you get the best deal around! However, we can understand why some drivers might be reticent to get into a used vehicle, so we’ve taken the time to both list some perks of buying used AND compile tips for you to take with you when you take to the lots! 

Perks of making your next car a used one

So, what’s so great about buying an Orlando used car? Lots of things, actually. Here are just a few benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of: 
  • A used car doesn't depreciate as much as a new car. Yes, it still depreciates over time, but new cars can lose between 30-40% of their value when you drive them off the lot… ouch! 
  • A used vehicle can also be cheaper than a new model but offer many of the same features and technology, so you're getting more bang for your buck when it comes down to it!
  • Many of our used Toyota in Orlando come with exceptional warranties, so if you're worried about peace of mind with your purchase, worry no more! 
Those are just a few benefits you’ll find in the deal when you decide to go with a used car in Orlando. Now, let’s get down to the shopping experience – take this list of tips along with you to make it as easy as possible! 

How to make shopping for a used car in Orlando easy

  • First things first – decide what qualities are most important to you when it comes to your Orlando used car. Fuel efficiency, towing, interior space, connectivity – these all will have an impact on your decision, so be sure you nail down what features or elements are non-negotiable and which you're willing to flex on. 
  • Name your price! Set your budget before you get to the lots, and know how much wiggle room you'll have when it comes down to it. Be sure to focus on the price of the car and your finance rates, not just your monthly payments! 
  • Be sure to take the used car in question out for a test drive! Pay close attention to how it handles, which includes steering, braking, and acceleration, as well as how it feels when you're at a constant speed. Also pay attention to the interior – is it comfortable and spacious enough? 
  • Look for any damage on the car – you should watch out for rust and mismatched panels, which can indicate bigger problems to come. Also be sure to pop the hood – you can even have a mechanic take a look at the car if you're not sure about it! 
Want more tips, or want to take a look at all of the used cars we’ve got up for grabs? Come to Toyota of Clermont today – we’re just west of the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50! 

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