How to avoid the most expensive auto repairs - Tips from Toyota of Orlando

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When it comes to auto repairs, it’s safe to assume that you’re going to be spending a big chunk of money on maintaining your vehicle. Some car investments already come at hefty prices so it’s safe to assume that you’re going to want to save anywhere you can. Luckily, there are ways to avoid expensive auto repairs if you keep your vehicle on regularly scheduled car maintenance checks. Toyota of Orlando service techs are here to help you talk about the most expensive auto repairs and how you can avoid them.

What are the most expensive auto repairs you should try to avoid?

#1: A/C Compressor
We can’t think of one person who wants to drive in the Florida heat without A/C. If the compressor in the A/C system fails, you’ll most likely be burning a hole through your wallet to get it fixed - we’re talking $500 or more! While adding freon to the system provides a temporary fix, the best way to avoid an A/C compressor issue is to include it in your car maintenance checks with our Orlando Toyota service techs. This helps with being proactive and avoiding any potential issues in the future. 
#2: Brake Lines
Your Orlando Toyota’s brake lines are necessary for effective stopping power. Without working brake lines, your car will not have a working brake system which can be very dangerous (especially if you’re commuting on the highway). While your brake lines are a small part compared to a lot of the other working mechanisms in your vehicle, getting a replacement can actually cost you around $1,000+. You can, however, prevent this issue by getting brake service often and getting auto repairs done as small issues arise. 
#3: Head Gasket
This auto repair is one of the most expensive issues you can get yourself into. A blown head gasket can result in your car having a plethora of issues such as overheating, oil or coolant spray in the front engine bay, and white clouds of smoke. The worst part is that this can cost you to dish out $2,000 and sometimes more depending on your vehicle. You can avoid this issue by making sure your car has plenty of coolant and making sure its condition is checked regularly at our Toyota of Orlando service center. 
#4: Mass Airflow Sensor
Your car engine needs a steady flow of air to operate as it should and to prevent any mechanical problems that could arise. Your air filters and mass airflow sensor function to make sure this happens. If you don’t check up on these units often enough, it can cause your mass airflow sensor to fail and it could cost you around $400 to fix. The easiest way to avoid this auto repair is by replacing your air filter every 30,000 miles. If you find yourself needing some help replacing your filter, contact one of our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs for assistance.

Let our team at Toyota of Orlando help you avoid expensive auto repairs

If you’re able to keep your vehicle on a regular car maintenance schedule, it’s going to be pretty easy to avoid having to spend a ton of money on auto repairs. Our team of Orlando auto service techs are able to perform multi-point inspections to help you keep your vehicle running like new. Call us at (407) 298-0001 to set up an appointment or visit our dealership at 3575 Vineland Rd just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.