Toyota of Orlando's tailgating essentials to never leave at home

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*This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Orlando*

Are you ready for football season? We know we are – we're finding our jerseys, making our game-day playlists, and pinning recipes on our tailgating boards. Football games are a great opportunity to get together, cheer on your favorite team, and indulge in delicious game day treats. We're here with six Orlando Toyota essentials that you never want to leave home without when game day arrives!

Don’t forget these 6 tailgating essentials on game day!

#1: Trash bags

Don't junk up the inside of your car or spend half of your time at the field looking for a trashcan – bring plenty of trash bags along with you! This makes it easy to clean up and make sure your tailgating space is tidy when it's time to hit the road.

#2: Hot box

No one likes a cold burger or icy wings. Keep hot foods hot – make a portable hot box! It’s simple; line a cooler with a layer of foil, some hot bricks, and some more foil. It can’t cook your food but it can keep it nice and hot until it’s time to eat (and even after the game!).
#3: Bluetooth speakers

When you use your car for tunes, you run the risk of draining your battery! Instead, bring portable Bluetooth speakers with you to stream your favorite tailgating playlists. Remember to charge them up before you hit the field, and always remember to lock them up inside of your car before you head into the stadium.

#4: Cooler and tons of ice
Nothing puts a damper on game day like a case of food poisoning. Keep cold foods nice and cold and load up your cooler with tons of ice before you arrive at the field. Also remember to ice down plenty of drinks, including water – it can be hot out there in the south!
#5: Portable grill

Don't settle for chips and salsa; take game day up a notch and bring a portable grill to your tailgating festivities! However, remember to always set it up far away from your truck. You don't want open flames near your car. Also, dispose of the charcoal properly (remember, it's hot!).

#6: Jumper cables
Sometimes you need to cool off in the A/C, or maybe you forgot your Bluetooth speakers and are counting on your car to provide the jams. In any case, it’s smart to have your jumper cables on hand in case your battery fumbles and you need it jumped to get out on the road after the game!
And don’t forget to line up a designated driver before you leave. It’s another tailgating essential that you never want to leave home without! Choose one before the game or make sure you have an Uber or Lyft lined up to get you and your gear home.

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