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    Thinking about signing the dotted line on a new truck? There’s no better place to shop than Toyota of Orlando - we’ve got a huge selection of new Toyota Tundras and Toyota Tacomas for sale on a daily basis (and prices that you’ll love to go along with them). However, regardless of where you end up shopping for your new ride, you need to be informed. We’ve got simple tips for truck shopping to help make the process easy, efficient, and stress-free! 

    Use these truck shopping tips when you hit the lot 

    Figure out your finances. 

    First of all, you should be aware that trucks are simply more expensive than regular sedans or hatchbacks, and even some SUVs. They’re built for utilitarian purposes so they tend to have more going on under the hood, bigger engines, and more features designed for superior performance. This means a more expensive price tag! Prepare yourself ahead of time so you don’t have sticker shock when you actually shop Orlando Toyota trucks in person. 

    Also, think about things like license, registration, fees, and insurance. The bigger the truck, the more likely you are to face higher insurance, higher fuel costs, and even possibly fees for special licensing or registration (this varies from state to state). Do your homework and ensure this particular vehicle will be able to fit into your budget! 

    Decide exactly why you’re purchasing a truck. 

    What’s making you want to pull the trigger on this particular purchase? How are you going to use this vehicle? Consider things like if you’re going to tow a boat or RV, if you’re going to be taking the truck out into the woods for off-roading, if you’re going to haul supplies for a job, and any other task you might dole out to your ride. Once you answer these questions you’ll be able to decide on specifications and features that you need, and that’ll help narrow your selection of Orlando Toyotas. 

    Toyota of Orlando has a wide selection of vehicles for sale 

    Start making firm decisions and put them in a list. 

    Now that you’ve answered WHY you need this truck, you can start putting features to your needs to choose the right vehicle. Here are the things you’ll need to consider:

    • Engine type - do you need a 4-cylinder, V6, or V8? What size is going to fulfill your performance needs in terms of towing, hauling, and off-roading? 
    • Duty type - the duty that you choose will determine the amount of weight that you can tow and haul. Specifications vary from make to make, but typically you’ll chose from light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. 
    • Bed size - will you need a short, regular, or long bed? What will you be hauling around town? 
    • Cab size - do you want an access cab or double cab? These are the most common cabs on our Orlando Toyotas and determine how many people you can fit inside the cabin. 
    • Trim-level - which trim-level will you settle on? Trim-levels determine which features, technology, safety, and other options will be available to you when you get behind the wheel. 

    Now that you’re informed, it’s time to shop - head down to Toyota of Orlando today! We’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I4 near the Millenia Mall. 

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