• Orlando's first winery to open near downtown


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Quantum Leap will become Orlando’s first winery when owners host a VIP reception Thursday, October 4 and introduce their innovative sustainable business concept. 

    Friends Jill Ramsier, a former food and beverage executive and David Forrester, a successful CEO and environmental industry pioneer, blended their shared affection and knowledge of wine with sustainable practices to develop a new business model for a very traditional venture.

    In addition to blending wines from the world’s premier wine-growing regions, Quantum Leap will bottle, package and sell wine directly to consumers. Additionally, the venue, which is nestled in the Mills 50 district off Virginia Drive will host wine tastings, serve as an event venue as well as offer retail sales of their wines, wine-related merchandise and provide wine to restaurants.

    “Our belief is that great wines deserve a great space and Quantum Leap does just that,” says Jill Ramsier. “This is unique concept in that our winery provides quality, yet affordable wines in an environmentally friendly way.”

    The Quantum Leap Winery model is to search for good quality, sustainably grown wine, wherever it is around the world and transport it in large vessels to the Orlando winery. It is in this facility where wine will be stored, finished, blended and packaged. This process substantially reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional wine production.

    Quantum Leap’s vision and evolution includes going beyond bottling wine locally. Quantum Leap wines will be packaged in low carbon footprint vessels such as kegs, pouches or boxes.  “The consumer’s sensitivity to the environmental impact of what they are consuming is growing as is their acceptance of new and different packaging to support environmental stewardship,” says David Forrester. “By bringing high quality wines into Orlando we hope to push this envelope even further.”

    Quantum Leap Winery is a local winery with a sustainable focus and global reach. Our vision is that we will continue to develop relationships with small producers in premier wine growing regions and be sustainably-oriented in our decisions and actions. We are committed to bringing you quality, environmentally friendly wines at a great value.

    Quantum Leap is located at 1312 Wilfred Drive, Orlando FL  32803. Hours are 2 to 7 p.m., Thursdays and Fridays, noon to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information call 407-730-3082 or email us at info@quantumleapwinery.com.

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