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9 Investigates: DeLand officer fired after filing complaint against corporal

DELAND, Fla. — Body camera video has prompted an investigation into a DeLand Police officer, but he is still patrolling the streets.

9 Investigates spoke exclusively with the former officer who recorded a heated confrontation last month between Cpl. Ken Ramkissoon and a man who was sitting on a bench.

The body camera video allegedly shows Ramkissoon yelling profanities at the man, who a 7-Eleven employee indicated had caused trouble outside his store on Woodland Boulevard in the past.

DeLand police were called to the 7-Eleven for a different trespassing complaint.

The corporal, another officer, and now-former officer Allison Bainbridge were about to leave the scene, when, for an unknown reason, Bainbridge said Ramkissoon walked over to a nearby bench and began berating a man.

The first 30 seconds of the body camera clip is silent, due to a pre-roll feature that captures 30 seconds of video before audio is activated.

Moments after the audio begins, Ramkissoon is heard saying an expletive and telling the man on the bench to get away from the area.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for eight years, and I’ve never been in an incident like this before.  It shocked my conscience to see it,” Bainbridge said.  Bainbridge started working for the department in February and was on probationary status prior to being terminated this week.  Before coming to DeLand, Bainbridge worked for Winter Springs Police for nearly eight years.

A City of DeLand spokesperson confirmed the video clip obtained by 9 Investigates is part of an internal investigation, but declined to release the video directly due to the ongoing investigation.  Bainbridge obtained copies of the incident and the original trespassing call at the 7-Eleven after filing an official complaint while still working at the department.

Footage from Ramkissoon’s own camera during the initial incident shows him yelling at the original trespassing subject.

“Did I tell you to leave?  Don’t raise your voice at me, because I’ll drop your ass.  Did I tell you to leave?” Ramkissoon is heard saying on camera.

Documents provided by Bainbridge show she went to her sergeant to complain the same day.  A week later, Ramkissoon filed paperwork of his own, detailing what he described as, “concerns about the manner in which Officer Bainbridge is performing her duties.”  That paperwork is part of a packet DeLand sent to 9 Investigates to show justification for firing Bainbridge this week.

“They didn't say anything about my performance until I filed this complaint,” Bainbridge said.

Bainbridge was given a letter of counseling on July 11, related to an incident in which she failed to immediately turn on her body camera during a call.  That incident occurred in May.  After receiving that letter of counseling, DeLand notified Bainbridge they were relieving her during her probationary period.

A DeLand spokesperson released this statement:

“We hold our officers to high standards. Ms. Bainbridge was a probationary employee and did not meet those standards and thus her services were no longer needed. We are aware of the allegation she has made against Corporal Ken Ramkissoon and an internal investigation was opened June 24 and has not been completed yet. Furthermore, her termination is not related to the ongoing investigation.”

Karla Ray

Karla Ray, WFTV.com

Karla Ray anchors Eyewitness News This Morning on Saturday and Sundays, and is an investigative reporter for the 9 Investigates unit.