• Video shows frantic search after Volusia County burglary suspect escapes deputy

    By: Karla Ray


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Video showing the frantic search for a Volusia County woman after she was able to slip out of a deputy’s cruiser doesn’t explain how she was able to get away. 

    Body camera video shows the moment that Aimie Tyson, a burglary suspect, was put into handcuffs in October. 

    What happened after she was put in the back of a squad car has her facing more serious charges. 

    As one deputy walks toward the vehicle, another deputy sits in the front seat, waiting to drive the woman to jail, unaware that the back door of his squad car is wide open and his suspect gone. 

    “Where’d she go? Where’d she go?” can be heard on the video. 

    According to an investigation into the incident, Tyson had complained about it being hot in the back seat, so the deputy had rolled down the window.

    Despite there being bars on the window on the inside of the car and the door handles being disabled, the woman was able to reach over and open the door from the outside quietly enough to make a clean break. 

    Tyson wasn’t found until days later, a county away. 

    No policy changes were implemented following Tyson’s escape. 

    The deputy involved was given a reprimand for failing to call for help immediately after discovering the woman was gone, and for not having his body camera on during the initial arrest. 

    Tyson is being held in the Volusia County jail without bond. 

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