• Action 9: Getting results for central Florida consumers


    ORLANDO,Fla. - After spending $6,000 and waiting three months, an Orlando man still can't get his car back from a local repair shop. 

    He turned to Action 9's Todd Ulrich for results.

    Ulrich helped an Orange County man who was slammed with hidden fees trying to renew his vehicle tag.

    If you renew your auto tag online and start with a Google search, look out.

    What tops the list is not the official state agency you're looking for.

    Ron Reed renewed his auto tag online to avoid long lines, then he saw the bill.

    “It was real shocking. I couldn't believe we had to pay that much,” said Reed.

    He expected a $46 tag cost not $30 in hidden fees from a private company called Etags direct.

    Reed thought he used a state website.

    “Absolutely ridiculous,” said Reed.

    Etags has lots of BBB complaints and Orange County's Tax Collector called its tactics deceptive.
    A week after Action 9 contacted the company, Reed got a full refund.


    Richard White's been stuck driving a rental minivan since leaving his car at Quality Transmissions and Total Care Care in east Orange County 3 months ago.
    He paid $3,000 for a rebuilt transmission, then kept waiting. “I couldn't get a good answer, he kept saying he needed parts,” said White.

    His rental charges hit $3,000 before he picked up the car last week but he never made it home. “Less than 10 miles its breaks down and stalls,” said Reed.

    Then he claimed the shop said it wasn’t a warranty repair, “To be honest Todd I'm hurt, it's set me and my family back.”

    Quality Transmission is rated A plus at the BBB .
    Todd Ulrich took Richard White’s case to shop owner Jesus Rivera. He said White delayed repairs until he could pay and the new transmission had a problem, but it's fixed now.

    “We finished it and road tested it this morning, final road test,” said Rivera. 

    “It’s good to go?” asked Ulrich.

    “Good to go, yes,” replied Rivera.

    “I would greatly appreciate it, greatly appreciate it,” said Richard White.

    The owner of Quality Transmission told Ulrich if his shop makes a mistake he wants to resolve it.
    When getting any written repair estimates, ask the shop to include how long the repair will take.

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