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Action 9 takes home warranty complaints to builder for answers

After buyers purchased their new homes, they faced issues they never expected. Several of those owners told Action 9, Taylor Morrison homes did not honor their new home warranties to fix their homes.
Suspected mold in the attic, and AC that cooled just half the house, and a dishwasher that can't be used. Phuong Tran says there's a lot wrong with her new home the builder has not fixed.
“It's frustrating and it's horrible,” Tran bought a Taylor Morrison home and claims the first month she discovered big problems.
A home inspector documented more than two dozen items to repair, including exposed nails in the roof, moisture in the walls, and cracks on stucco.
Tran says Taylor Morrison did not respond to her emails asking for repairs covered by a new home warranty. 
“After that they ignore me. didn't return calls at all," she said.
Warranty repairs have been a problem. The builder is rated C-minus at the BBB. Top complaints include owners who can't get new homes fixed.
Since Hurricane Irma, five more Taylor Morrison new home buyers told Action 9, the builder won't honor their warranties after water intrusion through roof vents and windows.
“They say it's not a warranty issue and more or less you’re on your own, and that's ridiculous. This is a brand-new house,” said Jim Spear. He said leaks damaged the ceiling but the builder won't replace the problem vents.
Todd Ulrich went to the builder's model home in Spear’s neighborhood.
“They feel they can't get their warranty repairs done,” said Ulrich.
A salesperson put Ulrich in touch with corporate managers who said warranty repair complaints are being reviewed.
And Tran told us that same week a Taylor Morrison supervisor said her repairs would be resolved.
“I thought everything would be perfect like a dream house but it's not,” said Tran.
Taylor Morrison told Action 9 Phuong Tran’s remaining issues should be completed this week. The builder also said they take great pride in its warranty process and after hurricane Irma, addressed every concern for homeowners within the one-year warranty.

ORLANDO,Fla. — Taylor Morrison written response:

"Taylor Morrison takes tremendous pride in its warranty process, insuring timely responses to any claims and questions related to services and repairs needed during the one-year warranty period. Our Orlando division customer service team consistently responds within 24-hours to messages and emails received from homeowners seeking help.

Following Hurricane Irma, the Orlando division responded to all inquiries related to window or roof leaks and other damages caused by the storm. We visited each home and addressed every concern for Taylor Morrison homeowners who were within their one-year warranty-scheduling visits with trade partners and ensuring quality workmanship. Damages associated with items not built with quality or to city codes and ordinances were repaired immediately. Damages not related to quality were not addressed as it was outside of Taylor Morrison's control. For homeowners outside of their one-year warranty, we assisted in any way we could. Often times putting them in contact with trade partners who could assist with repairs and reminding them that contacting their homeowners insurance post-storm was their best course of action.

As we do with all of our homeowners, we’ve been working closely with the Tran family to resolve any outstanding issues related to their 10-month home inspection. As of close of business on Friday, only a limited amount of work was still needed and all remaining items were on track to be completed by this coming Wednesday. In our last communication with Ms. Tran on Thursday, Dec. 7 she stated that she was extremely pleased with this news and the level of care and service she had been receiving from the Taylor Morrison team."