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Homeowners claim roofing company took thousands of dollars but never did work

Several homeowners claim a roofing contractor with a 5-star reputation took their big deposits, but they never got new roofs.

One family feels burned for more than $20,000 and turned to Action 9 consumer investigator Todd Ulrich to find answers.

“The storm came and just kind of ripped off that whole section right there,” said Renee Williams as she pointed to her roof.

Williams and her husband found a highly rated contractor to replace their damaged roof.

They picked Roof Army. The contractor had A-plus and 5-star ratings.

Two months ago, the couple signed a contract for a new roof and siding replacement. They wrote checks totaling $ 22,500.

“I'm getting screwed,” Williams said.

According to Williams the Roof Army sales person promised the job would start in three weeks.

“And then all of a sudden, doors close. No one is returning phone calls,” Williams said.

She tried calling managers at the company's Winter Park office but fears it was long gone.

“They came here. They took my money and they never showed back up,” Williams said.

Action 9 received four complaints against Roof Army in just a month.

George Slaughter says his insurance agent recommended the company. He gave Roof Army a $10,000 deposit check then claims he was left high and dry.

“Ran off with my money,” Slaughter said.

Since paying the deposit in August, Slaughter claims there is no new roof, no refund and no answers.

“Pull their license. Get them out of business,” Slaughter said.

Ulrich went to the company’s main office in Winter Park for answers, but the doors were locked.

The mail was untouched, and its business phone line says the voicemail is full.

Roof Army had an A rating at the Better Business Bureau. But its bureau file is now under review. Since October, five customers complained to the bureau. One complaint was closed as unresolved.

A spokesman for licensed contractor Jarrod Redding told Ulrich the company fell on hard times then crashed. And it will refund deposits or find contractors to finish the jobs.

“How do you protect yourself? What do you do?” Williams asked.

Roof Army had a great reputation but that changed within weeks.

Always be cautious with any contractor deposit. Make the minimum payment and use a credit card when possible, that gives you 60 days of protection.

Roof Army response:

To our community, we want to express a sincere apology to each and every client that has been affected by us in recent months. Unforeseen financial issues have funneled us in a direction that was never anticipated. This business has been a dream of mine since I was 8years old and have dedicated myself to providing great work for great people. Unfortunately, we have been unable to complete a number of jobs for clients that we promised we would, leaving our community very upset, rightfully so. Orlando is my home, I have lived here all my life and it has been my plan to raise my family here as well and that is why my wife and I want nothing more than make this right for our neighbors and community.

With that said, we are working around the clock to pay our clients back as well as meeting with local reputable roofing companies in hopes of honoring the contracts and commitments we have made. Just as I fought to build my dream business, I will fight to make right with each and every client that we have put in this position. I feel confident we will come up with a solution for each customer in the coming weeks and rectify this situation.

As we work towards correcting our mistakes and helping each and every one of the clients that have been affected during this time, we just wanted to say that we appreciate everyone who has supported us over the years and for everyone's patience during this difficult time.

We will make this right!


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