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“All Clear” given at Westshore Junior and Senior High School in Brevard County


4:00 p.m. UPDATE

The Melbourne courthouse parking lot became the staging area for an investigation into a suspicious device tossed into a trash can at Westshore Junior and Senior High School.

Parents like Kurt Ngsaye, a former police officer himself, watched as the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad robot was deployed, and then they waited patiently for the all-clear this afternoon.

“I’m normally on my way here just to sit in the car loop. So, I’m like the first one there to get her out when school is over. But when a situation like this, I said all right, I’ll just come and wait it out. And whenever I get the all-clear, I’ll pick her up and get her out of school.” said parent Kurt Ngsaye

2:00 p.m UPDATE

Officials have given the all clear at Westshore Junior and Senior High School after they investigated a suspicious package Thursday afternoon.

The Melbourne Police Department and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad responded to the school just before 11 a.m. for reports of a suspicious package.

After about three hours. the bomb squad cleared the scene.

Brevard County Public Schools allowed students to return to class or go home with their parents.

Investigators said the cause of the investigation was determined to be a discarded diabetic monitor that was beeping in a trash can.

12:20 p.m UPDATE

Officials with Melbourne Police say they are investigating a suspicious package at Westshore Junior and Senior High School.

Precautions are being taken with students to maintain their safety as law enforcement continues to investigate.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad is assisting Melbourne Police in the investigation.

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