Central Florida Spotlight: Sneak peek at new, high-speed rail train at OIA

Video: Central Florida Spotlight: High speed train terminal at OIA

Only Channel 9 got a sneak peek into the construction zone of the new, high-speed train terminal at Orlando International Airport.

In this week’s episode of “Central Florida Spotlight”, Greg Warmoth shows viewers a first hand look at how Orlando will get connected to a high speed commuter line.

The train will allow Orlando travelers to get to Miami in a fraction of the time it would take to drive and Miami travelers to get to Orlando a lot more easily than using Interstate 95 or the turnpike.

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The train will cost nothing to taxpayers because it is a private venture.

Tickets for a ride are going to be in the range of roughly $70 to $80 to travel from Orlando to the southernmost end in Miami.

You can watch the latest episode of Central Florida Spotlight here:

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