1 injured as multiple fights break out at Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center

Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies swarmed the Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center early Monday after multiple fights broke out at the state-run facility.
The reports came in about 4:30 a.m. Monday at the center on Bumby Avenue.
At 7 a.m., deputies said on Twitter that the situation was contained, but one juvenile was injured and taken to the hospital. 
Watch: Deputies surround juvenile detention center
About 30 juveniles were involved in the incident, deputies said.
It’s not clear what sparked the brawls, but deputies said they responded to a fighting incident Sunday night at the facility, but it was resolved.
Deputies, police officers and fire rescue crews surrounded the building.
Because the facility is run by the state, local law enforcement officers could not make entry until they were invited in.
Jalis Mercado's 15-year-old son has been at the facility for about two weeks and in that time he had told her he'd been fighting to keep his food.
The older boy who had been defending him was taken away on a gurney Monday morning and the injured boy's sister, Lucy Encarnacion said he was still being monitored by doctors.
“He’s in an unsafe place. I’m distraught,” Encarnacion said. “He’s supposed to get help, not (have) to fight for his life.”
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice released a statement that read, “Earlier this morning, there was a disturbance at the Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center. We appreciate the assistance of our law enforcement partners to quickly resolve this incident. All youth in custody are accounted for and we will provide more information as it becomes available. The safety and security of the youth in our care is our top priority and we are currently investigating this matter."
Orange County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel said deputies responded en masse to make sure the fight inside the facility didn't spill out into the adjacent area.
"It was a massive response," she said. "We were very concerned, obviously. This facility is in a residential area, it is in the county (and) there's a lot of kids in there. We want to assure their safety, as well as the safety of residents."
Watch: Deputies release update on fights at Juvenile Detention Center