• $10M marina coming to New Smyrna Beach


    NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - Volusia County boaters are excited about a new $10 million marina that's expected to bring in big money.

    Officials hope to make the new marina a prime spot for tournament fishing in New Smyrna Beach with deep-water boat slips and Key West-style cottages.

    Captain Ray "Foz" Gibson remembers the old marina as a few modest boat docks and a fishing store. It's now changing before his eyes into something much grander.

    "From the last 13, 14 years, it went from not a whole lot going on around here to, you know, what you see going on here now," Gibson said.

    Roofers put the finishing touches on a new fishing store at the New Smyrna marina. A restaurant with a pool is nearing completion and five pre-ordered Key West-style homes are going up. The marina's manager, Ian Carrey, said it's the best deal in Florida.

    "New Smyrna is an absolute steal. It's beautiful, the prices are great, the people are nice. It doesn't even compare," Carrey said

    The owners building the restaurant and residents of the community hope it will not only draw tourists but also captains and anglers who drive high-end boats that will use the marina as a base of operations for tournament fishing.

    Gibson said it's already starting to happen.

    "You're going to see people from different states or in south Florida or different parts of this state who will want to come up here because they have a nice place to, uh, that has the amenities that this place hasn't had," Gibson said.

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