Early tropical disturbance could be indicative of a very active hurricane season

ORLANDO, Fla. — The first tropical disturbance of the year has formed in the Atlantic Ocean.


It’s surprising because the actual 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season doesn’t start until June 1.

The system formed because of warm waters in the eastern Atlantic.

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This is an indicator that this year’s hurricane season could be a very busy one.

Though rare, tropical disturbances like this have formed this early in the year in the past.

“Occasionally, there is a disturbance before the season starts -- even as early as April,” certified meteorologist Brian Shields said. “But what makes this so unusual is just how far out in the Atlantic it is. Water temperatures are not only warm, but they are July-like. This will help set the stage for a very busy hurricane season.”

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The disturbance is forecast to stay far out in the Atlantic before falling apart in the coming days.

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